Guru Besar Hans KnustGraichen

Guru Besar Hans KnustGraichen is the west coast director of Pentjak Silat USA.  Guru Hans holds class in the LA area at the Triton Gym in Redondo Beach, CA.  Classes are held every Sunday.

Guru Hans has trained in the following systems :

* Ter Linden Style – As taught by Bapak Guru Besar Rudy Ter Linden
* Pentjak Silat Pukulan Pak Serak- As taught by BGB Maurice de Thouars
* Pukulan Sera- As taught by Bapak Guru Besar Dolf de Vries
* Babo Arnis- As taugh by Grand Master Narrie Babao
* Pentjak Silat USA- As taught by Guru Besar Andre Knust Graichen
* Marksmanship shooting and combat Hand Gun Training- as taught by Ben Rosen, Green Beret Special Operations Tactics and Firerarms expert
* Villabrille-Largusa- As taught by Guro Ben T Largusa

Pentjak Silat Serak @ Triton Gym