In May of 2004, Bapak Guru Besar Maurice de Thouars of Pentjak Silat Pukulan Pak Serak named Dr. Andre Knust Graichen “Heir and Successor”. Because of the nature of the practice of Pentjak Silat, Dr. Andre was assigned the task of making the art more available to those interested in learning this form of Pentjak Silat Serak. Therefore, with the approval and guidance of his teacher, Dr. Andre formulated a curriculum called “AnakSerak” (anak meaning child of ).

Imagine a person wanting to learn the guitar. The person cannot just pick up the guitar and start playing their favorite song. They must first learn the guitar itself and basics, such as cords, how to strum the strings, read music, etc. Once these  basics have been learned it becomes possible for one to apply those skills to more advanced items, like playing their favorite song.

The AnakSerak program is designed to provide one with basic Silat skills, such as movement, targeting, and distancing, needed to continue on to advanced Serak concepts.   All the muscle memory will be locked in you. When you complete the program not only will you have a complete weapons system of martial arts, but you will also have the knowledge to apply this to any of your previous training.

Pentjak Silat USA will be holding periodic workshops throughout each year that will be open to AnakSerak members.  Check our events section to keep up to date on the next event.

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