Pentjak Silat USA Home Page

The International Pencak Silat Federation, Pentjak Silat USA was established in the United States of America in 1990 for the purpose of unifying and preserving the system, fundamentals as well as the various expressions of the Indonesian martial arts and incorporated as a non-profit corporation (501)(3c) in the state of California in 1993. We welcome you to our Federation and assure you we will do everything we can to provide you with an in-depth education in Pentjak Silat, a system considered by many to be a cultural treasure house for the martial artist. It is our hope that you commit yourself to this study and complete the entire course. We will endeavor to assist you in any way we can, but you must realize that you, are ultimately responsible for yourself. We look forward to a great and rewarding relationship and are excited you have placed your trust in us.

The Anak Serak program was developed to give a practitioner Pentjak Silat’s core concepts, theories, principles, training methods, and applications. It looks at what are the fundamentals of Pentjak Silat and presents that to the practitioner. This allows each practitioner to integrate their own body awareness and movement to the circumstances presented without employing a specific style of movement. We are not a new system or style, but rather a basic platform from which many of the Silat styles operate.
Initial lessons are available on Film Festival Flix at the very affordable price of $9.99/month. One can preview lessons 1-4 or sign up at the Anak Serak FFF site.

We have at our core a cross section of styles, each one also a cross section or composite of other styles and so on. The advantage to this kind of curriculum is that there are no restrictions to one method, therefore leaving room for exploration.

Pentjak Silat USA’s curriculum

  • Ter Linden Style – As taught by the late Grandmaster Bapak Guru Besar Rudy ter Linden
  • Pentjak Silat Pukulan Pak Serak- As taught by Bapak Maurice de Thouars
  • Mustika Kweetang- As taught by Guru Besar James Ingram
  • Kun Tao Silat- As taught by Sigung Guru Besar Willem de Thouars
  • Kali- Largusa Villabrille as taught to Dr. Andre by Grand Master Ben T. Largusa